Bone's Home

Thu August 11 @ 6:30 PM
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
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Bone's Home
Bone's Home is a four-piece alternative rock band based out of New York City. They all enjoy writing songs, collaborating on music, and most importantly having a good time doing it. They formed quite recently in the fall of 2021 and have been experimenting with different sounds since. Their songs range from moody ballads to rocking jams. Some of their tracks are "Ad Bound," "Nursery" and "I don't want anything.

Molly Ganley
Molly’s work explores the beauty and complexities of reveling in queer love, missing home, discovering her art, and connecting to spirituality, her ancestors, and the Earth. Taking inspiration from artists like Brandi Carlile and Lucy Dacus, her music ranges from entrancingly lamenting to soulfully rock-and-rolling. She is based in NYC.

Alex Julia
Soaring melodies, softly expressive vocals and nostalgically humble arrangements make up the unwavering presence and appeal of singer and songwriter Alex Julia’s enchanting catalog of originals. Showcasing natural versatility, the New Jersey creative blends genres with a subtle yet striking approach. Ultimately it’s the accessible, inoffensive vocal lead that reaches out with humanity and heart, backed by a lyrical substance that’s consistently intriguing, revealing, and fresh. Devoted to the art of songwriting, her star sign of Libra forever draws upon equal parts love and loss – inciting a desire to find balance, harmony, and a middle ground between truth and deception.

The 2020 EP ‘Better Part Of Me’ emerged on September 19th, 2020, and the singer and creative has been committed to the cause ever since. The project was a huge indie success, pouring through the airwaves both nationally and across the globe, with popular college shows and charts all paying tribute accordingly.

Caroline Elise 
caroline elise is a folk pop artist who loves dolly parton, cats, and being nice to people. she makes music for everyone, but especially for queer people who laugh a little too loud. her upcoming ep, ‘surgery,’ is full of dreamy love stories - she reached into her heart and came up with these songs for you, and she hopes you love them.
Bone's Home