Christine Obiamalu

Fri August 19 @ 6:30 PM
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
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Christine Obiamalu
Originally from Nigeria and currently based in New York City, singer-songwriter Christine  Obiamalu is a classically trained vocalist and pianist with a Bachelors of Music from New York University. She has performed in cities across Africa and North America including Lagos, Cape Town, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York City. In New York City she has rocked stages at the PlayStation Theatre, The Shrine, Silvana, The Shabazz Center, West End Lounge, Greenpont Gallery and many others. She has also written music for documentaries and short films. Her first studio project, Get Out Of Me/Chemicals, was released in Fall 2020 with rave reviews. Her original music is an eclectic mix of Pop, RnB and Rock.

Finn the Band
An Alt/Rock band formed in college at Tufts University where band members DJ Sandler and Max Whaley were studying English and Environmental studies respectively. During college, they started writing songs in their free time and Finn the Band quickly came into existence. Their debut EP (only on Soundcloud) was written on a farm in New Mexico. Now, their newest album (first released on Bandcamp and then on Spotify) titled "Deep Cuts (Live)" was written while staying amongst the wilderness in Grand Teton national park for a summer. They are now both living in New York City to share their music with the world.

Spencer Winningham
Spencer is a singer-songwriter from London, UK. His experience in the music industry ranges from writing to arranging to producing and more. His 2019 album "Unfinished," reaches deep to describe his personal journeys growing up with love and loss.
Christine Obiamalu