mountain shallows

Wed September 14 @ 6:30 PM
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
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mountain shallows
As a 5-piece band of brooklyn e-thots, mountain shallows plays an endearing blend of indie rock, folk, and midwest emo. With 2 EP releases under their belt mountain shallows is currently working on their first full length record from the comfort of their semi-regularly-flooded apartment. This band began as the solo project/little baby bird of singer/guitarist jake ludwig in 2015. Over the last 6 years he has been quietly tricking more and more of his friends into playing with him so that he wouldn't be alone (yuck). These total suckers, alex fels (drums), matt lau (bass), divya menezes (keys), & sam palumbo (baritone guitar), have become the backbone of what has become a much fuller and rich sound. Come for the twinkly counterpoint and dynamic range, stay for the hot people. 

Bone's Home
Bone's Home is a four-piece alternative rock band currently based out of New York City. All of them enjoy writing songs, collaborating on music, and most importantly having a good time doing it. They formed quite recently in the fall of 2021 and have been experimenting with different sounds since. Their songs range from moody ballads to rocking jams. Some of their tracks are "Ad Bound," "Nursery" and "I don't want anything."

mountain shallows