Pop Music Fever Dream

Tue October 4 @ 6:30 PM
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
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Pop Music Fever Dream
Pop Music Fever Dream— it’s like listening to pop music in a fever dream. How simple. It's scrappy, do-it-yourself, arty post-punk, making as much noise as possible that doesn’t sound like shit. Maybe a solo. Just a lot of moshing and yelling and commentary on the internet. PMFD irl is Tim Seeberger (he/they), 25, hailing from Brooklyn. 

Chris Nitti
Based in New Jersey, Chris Nitti is a recording project that started in solitude in 2016. After learning guitar and a few other instruments, while getting into DIY artist such as Alex G and Mac DeMarco, Chris started writing his own songs out of curiosity and personal necessity. Since then, he's released an EP, 3 albums and a couple singles. While he started out doing everything himself, he's expanded to a more collaborative effort over the years, from giving mixing and mastering to others, to other instruments as well on his upcoming unreleased material. While his influences are ever-changing, Chris can always be expected to provide vulnerable and introspective lyrics over an indie rock foundation.
Pop Music Fever Dream