Strange Majik

with Kabuki Love, Fuck You Tammy!
Tue June 11 @ 7:00 PM ( Doors: 6:30 pm )
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
Strange Majik

Strange Majik is the musical alter ego of David Pattillo, an artist fusing the genres of Indie rock, 70’s soul vibe, and alternative garage into modern unforgettable classic songs. With iconic personal style, ace guitar skills, and intoxicating stage presence, Majik puts on an explosive live show.  NYC’s Deli Magazine dubbed him a “blues rock cult hero,” London’s Shindig Magazine called him a “NYC icon.”

His upcoming 2024 LP “NYC Animal” is not just an album; it’s a journey. Inspired by a weekly party in lower Manhattan, with 20 something’s dancing to Y2K rock bangers and fashion photogs shooting models barely clad in indie sleaze looks, Pattillo found himself in a modern Electric Circus channeling Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. The title track could be likened to his own version of “Walk On The Wild Side,” a testament to the glitzy characters of city life. It’s NY Rock to the core draped in psychedelic soul with moody nocturnal hues shaping a dramatic character arc of inner triumph.

Kabuki Love
Kabuki Love is a rock band originally born as a duo in Brooklyn, New York during the 2020 pandemic. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, it’s influences comes from many genres such as goth, new wave, punk, psychedelic and grunge. 
Multi dimensional, melancholic and catchy at the same time, Kabuki Love captures the essence of the current times chaos through haunting vocals and guitars. 
Fuck You Tammy!

New York’s beloved Twin Peaks supergroup, Fuck You, Tammy! aka “The Band From Another Place,” channels the music of Twin Peaks and the David Lynch Extended Cinematic Universe.

In 2017 as the final episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return were airing, bandmates Julie Rozansky (bassist and vocalist in Scam Avenue, Tree River, The Art of Shooting) and Devery Doleman (lead vocalist in Scam Avenue, Les Sans Culottes, La Laque) had the genius idea to assemble a task force for a Halloween show to perform Julee Cruise/ Angelo Badalamenti songs: Drummer Nate Smith (Shy Child, Scam Avenue), keyboardist Bill Ferullo (Nuraxi, Nancy (Not Her Real Name), Les Sans Culottes),  guitarist David Andreana (The Ritualists), and D’Addario artist/ saxophone player /guitar player Anthony Cekay.

Since then, Fuck You, Tammy!  has expanded their repertoire to include more songs from the David Lynch Extended Cinematic Universe [Lost HighwayWild At HeartBlue Velvet, and more] while developing an avid following. Fuck You, Tammy! has played The Bell House, the Mercury Lounge, Elsewhere, and 2019's infamous BLACK LODGE/ WHITE NOISE Halloween event at 3 Dollar Bill, has collaborated with members of The Pink Room Burlesque, and headlined Eraserhood Forever 2019 at PhilaMOCA, where they shared the stage with James Marshall.

[And yes, Chrystabell is a fan.]