with Tooth Lures A Fang, A Very Special Episode, The Planes
Fri June 28 @ 7:30 PM ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
A band of Venezuelan refugees formed in youth under the growing shadow of one of the most corrupt authoritarian regimes in modern history and forced to flee their homeland one-by-one at the height of their success, heavy psychedelic-rock outfit Joudy (“Howdy”) thought their future had been stolen from them for good. By the mid-2010s the Venezuelan music scene had been obliterated by a falling economy and the band’s members dispersed across two continents. Grieving the shattered vision of a life that had once awaited them, cousins and founding members Diego Ramirez (vocals/guitar), Gabriel Gavidia (bass) and Hulrich Navas (drums) set about rebuilding their lives and coming to terms with sudden upheaval, unaware that fate would conspire to reunite them in New York City nearly three years later. Now the band resides in Brooklyn and is working with Bushwick label Trash Casual. 
Tooth Lures A Fang
A Very Special Episode
The Planes
The Planes are a three-piece indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Since their founding in 2010 by guitarist/singer Stephen Perry, they’ve earned a reputation for writing catchy indie rock jams, showing up to gigs on time, and taking that last drink ticket off your hands, y’know, if you’re not going to use it anyway and it would just go to waste.