Sun November 5 @ 6:30 PM ( Doors: 6:30 pm )
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
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Stuart Place Most outwardly, the music of Stuart Place is a love letter to the rock of New York's past, taking cues from The Strokes, Talking Heads, Arthur Russell, and LCD Soundsystem while dropping hints of classical minimalism, dance-punk, and modern pop. The lyrics tempt the sincere and the sardonic, interjecting the melodrama of the ‘end-of-the-world’ moments in life with a mocking quip to bring the ego back to ground level.

igor is an LGBTQ+ Artist from Moscow, Russia, based in New York, NY. Inspired by a variety of artists, from The Mars Volta to Maren Morris, from Evanescence to Lenny Kravitz, igor combines Rock, Pop and a drop of Funk in the music dedicated to the power of self love.

WildBathtub an Asian Indie BedroomPop / NeoSoul band traveling between Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Jersey City.

The Classical is a musical outfit out of NYC.   Their 2021 debut album Graffiti Chorus fuses influences from 90’s trip-hop acts such as Portishead, The Beta Band, DJ Shadow, and Primal Scream along with post-punk groups such as The Fall, Talking Heads, and Public Image Limited.  Their forthcoming eponymous EP is due to be out on all platforms through Paintbox Records in 2023.