with Saapato, Alexander Baiz, Surma
Wed July 31 @ 8:00 PM ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
SUPERSTRATA is the experimental electronic music project of New York-based musicians Calvin Chang and Alexandra Sullivan. While each member performs solo music as Kaiwei and Cherophobiac respectively, the two artists decided to form a distinct project for their collaborative work after having worked together on the latter’s latest single release, It’s Okay (A/B). Chang and Sullivan met while studying in the Performer-Composer graduate program at The New School in 2021. Where the program’s penchant for avant-garde and jazz-inspired traditions were the primary focuses of study, Chang and Sullivan were both interested in creating music inspired by ambient electronic traditions and experimental soundscapes. The project’s debut single, RUNAWAY, is due for 2024 release.
SAAPATO is the music project of upstate NY based multi-instrumentalist Brendan Principato. His work focuses on the intersection of ecology and music, using a distinct blend of manipulated field recordings and lush electronic soundscapes to encourage listeners to reconsider their place within nature. Most recently he spent half of August 2023 in residence with the Alaska State Park Service recording bird migrations and the salmon run outside of Juneau. In the autumn of 2022, he was in residence with the National Park Service on Fire Island, NY documenting “shoulder season” in the rare and rapidly disappearing swale and dune habitats. His forthcoming record, On Fire Island was released via Sound as Language on May 3rd and is the result of his time spent in residence with the National Park Service.
Alexander Baiz
ALEXANDER BAIZ is a pianist and composer, making electro-acoustic soundscapes which draw inspiration from minimalism, ambient music, and jazz. His debut album Indigo Mirror was released in March, 2024.
Surma is inspired by silence to create her own universe of songs in jazz, electronics, and a
multiplicity of influences to explore paths that are not always obvious, but with a strong
identity, her own phonetics, and unique moments that can take us from the nordic fjords to
cosmopolitan cities.

Surma has a special and rare light, highlighted by the addition of impressive awards and
achievements that explain the scope of her music, her ideas and her personality.
The debut "Antwerpen", edited in 2017, took her to a three-year tour, performing more than
250 times across fifteen countries, between small clubs to imposing open-air festivals.
Surma has also accumulated countless side projects - soundtracks, sound design projects,
music for theater and dance, collaborations with other musicians -, showing her energy, but
also her generosity and will to go further, doing more and, above all, different.
The new album "alla" is a challenge without barriers, in which she is surrounded by several
participations of various musical genres to deepen and consolidate even more her own
unique universe.

On stage, "alla" surprises the audience with the freshness of a renovated, intense and free
Surma, taking the public to the discovery of a new aesthetic.