Valley Latini

with Veronica Maeve, Blockhead, Estro , Matt Weinberger , 00maari, Heaven is MARS, Wave.89, GOOUL
Thu November 9 @ 9:30 PM ( Doors: 9:30 pm )
Heaven Can Wait
Ages 21 and Up
Valley Latini
Veronica Maeve

Blockhead grew up in downtown New York City. The son of an artist, early on he found his passion was for music. A fan of a whole range of sounds, especially hip-hop, Blockhead steadily built a tremendous collection of tapes and later CDs from innumerable artists. After a brief stint as a rapper, he realized his calling was behind the boards and not on the mic, and from there he began to produce beats. Since making that decision, he’s been one of the busiest producers out there, producing 9 tracks on Aesop Rock’s critically acclaimed album Labor Days, and the majority of the tracks on his followup albums Dayllight EP, Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives, and None Shall Pass. Blockhead has also been working with other indie giants such as SLuG of Atmosphere, Murs, Mike Ladd and Sa Smash. He also found time to complete a break beat album entitled Blockhead’s Broke Beats, with 10 hard hitting instrumental tracks, which was released on Mush Records, the US home of cLOUDDEAD. Showing his artistic variety from only art-rap, Blockhead produced 2 tracks on the newly crowned Skribble Jam Battle Champ, maclethal’s full-length album. He does comedy too. He is a member of the Party Fun Action Committee whose hip-hop/comedy debut album was recently released on the legendary Def Jux.~last.fm

Matt Weinberger
00maari, Heaven is MARS